Detection of Metal Loss in Cast Iron Water Lines

EMPIT has successfully executed its first job to detect metal loss in a cast iron line within a high consequence area. 

The capabilities of the team and the technology have been pushed and we have successfully expanded our limits. Cast iron lines within cities have very often parallel pipelines running very close and commonly have no coating applied, which makes the inspection significantly harder. Also, the noise floor produced by industrial disturbances is very high and filtering algorithms become necessary.

However, reference excavations have shown that the AGIT technology can add important value to the maintenance strategy of the cast iron line operator. Especially water lines within cities have suffered severe corrosion and collapse on a regular basis.

This can now be changed! 

EMPIT has verified a significant failure within a cast iron line DN 150, which had an average metal loss of more than 65%. Immediate preventive repair works have been carried out and now the pipeline is safe again.

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