Inspect the UNPIGGABLE

AGIT, a revolutionizing inspection technology that overcomes limitations of ILI and ECDA 



Localization & categorization of metal loss
and coating defects



Inspection of all commonly operated types of unpiggable pipelines is possible



Certified and successfully used around
the world



EMPIT is a worldwide leading company in the area of sensitive magnetic field measurements for the purpose of non-destructive testing. Years of intensive scientific research, experiments, and dedication have enabled us to bring something new to the pipeline industry:

An inspection technology that is able to assess pipeline conditions from above ground. This inspection technology is called AGIT (Above Ground Inspection Technology). Both, the inspection technology and the inspection system are certified and tested through TÜV Süd.


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Integrity Assessment

Identification of external and internal pipe wall anomalies: e.g. corrosion, dents, blisters or mill features. Our customers use Integrity Assessment for pipelines that cannot be inspected using ILI-tools and where the pipeline condition is unknown.

Coating Assessment 

Identification of coating damages and coating failure. Our customers use Coating Assessment for pipelines with no or very limited information about the coating condition.

Geometry Assessment

Identification of anomalies in the geometry of the pipeline. Our customers use Geometry Assessment for pipelines with bad or incomplete documentation. The assessment can identify pig hurdles, so where a pig can get stuck. This enables them to conduct feasibility studies of how much it would cost to make the pipeline piggable.

Digitalizing Pipelines

Our customers use the digitizing service of EMPIT to create, validate and organize their pipeline documentation, especially their weld books. EMPIT identifies and validates the exact location of the pipeline, girth welds, casing, bends (vertical and horizontal), bend radius, bend length and XYZ-coordinates.

Depth of Cover Assessment

High resolution measurements of the pipeline depth with a maximum measurement error of 20 mm. Our customers use Depth of Cover Assessment to ensure that they know the pipeline depth at every coordinate and receive a risk analysis of areas with critical depth of cover.

Detect failures in water pipelines made from cast iron

Especially cities suffer the bursting of water lines and ILI is mostly not possible. Recent developments made the inspection of cast iron water lines possible. AGIT is now ready and has been field tested & approved for the inspection of cast iron.


use AGIT

Locate internal and external corrosion, blisters, gauges, defects in girth welds and mill features

Locate metal loss under disbonded coating

Locate coating damages and differentiate them from metal loss features

Locate metal loss under undamaged coating (corrosion under insulation)

Measure Depth of Cover with a certified accuracy of 20 mm

Find and map pipeline routes with a certified sub-decimetre accuracy

Locate girth welds, casings, bends, stuck pigs, obstacles aboveground and metal parts close the pipeline

Verify the pipeline route from aboveground (ROW Inspection)


Overcome limitations of ILI and ECDA

Save money by reducing excavations as corrosion under coatings and coating damages with no corrosion underneath can be differentiated

Save money by reducing excavations as sizing of detects is possible with 4 different levels

Save money by reducing the size of excavations as feature coordinates have sub-meter accuracy

Survey of growing faults caused by corrosion over time

No preparation for the inspection is needed (e.g. cleaning/ opening the pipeline)

No impact on the operation of the pipeline while the inspection is executed

A safe and cost-effective technology that is certified and has been used successfully by pipeline operators around the world

Defects detected
through AGIT

AGIT has been used to inspect hundreds of kilometres of unpiggable pipelines. Recent optimizations have helped to make the field inspection system more productive and price-efficient.

Examples of defects detected with the EMPIT inspection technology:



Empit Has Won the Most Important Innovation Award in Germany

EMPIT has been awarded the most important innovation prize in Germany. We are very proud to announce that we are one of the TOP100 companies in Germany. This was made only possible through our great team, which performed outstandingly and beyond limits - thank you everyone!

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