AGIT — Above Ground Inspection Technology

Revolutionary accurate inspection
of unpiggable pipelines

AGIT is a worldwide unique, patented and certified technology. Through AGIT, the inspection of all unpiggable pipelines is made possible, while inspection preparations are reduced to a minimum.

As being a non-destructive testing (NDT) technology, special preparations such as cleaning of the pipeline and the usage of any special mediums is not necessary. Consequently, the production mode of the pipeline is not affected by the inspection at any point.

Our clients choose to work with EMPIT because they save money and time! 


What kinds of
features can be detected?

Metal loss at inner and outer wall

Regardless, if caused through corrosion or third party influence. Detection of wall anomalies such as dents, blisters and gouges is possible. 

Metal parts

Identified if located next to the pipeline.


Located over the pipeline.


Location, angle and direction.

Coating defects

Detected through the inspection of current leakage.

Girth welds

Detection is possible - depending on the type of manufacturing.

Defect classi­fication

AGIT is capable of differentiating between defect sizes, which is expressed through different detection levels stated below.

The inspection technology and the system are certified by »TÜV Süd«, an organisation which is one of the world's leading in technical services. The detection levels, stated below, are one essential part of the TÜV-certification. Therewith, our clients enjoy highest reliability in the system and its standards.

Defect localisation possible if 
(response threshold)

Metal loss of wall thickness ≥ 20%

Coating failure localisation

Possible through monitoring inspection current

Defect Specification
- Detection Level 1

Probability of Detection
POD ≥ 96%
Pipeline depth (to its axis)
PD ≤ 1,5 m
Length 50 mm
Width 50 mm
Metal loss 50% of wall thickness


Detection below Level 1

A defect which is in at least one dimension (L*W*ML) smaller than given characteristics for Detection Level 1. The certified defect localisation starts at 20% metal loss of wall thickness. 

Target Group

What we offer and what
you receive

Every inspection will include the following services:

Final Report

Graphic Analysis

Right Of Way (ROW) inspection

Localisation of inspected

Plot of Depth of Cover (DOC) profile for inspected pipelines

The certified uncertainty of DOC measurements is ≤ 20 mm

Veri­fication through
Graphic Analysis

After finishing the inspection, every client receives a Graphic Analysis showing every 100 m of inspected pipeline. The Graphic Analysis visually displays features of the pipeline such as metal loss defects, coating faults, girth welds, bends, metal parts located next to the pipeline and the depth of cover (DOC). Every significant pipeline fault will be linked with GPS-coordinates.  

The Graphic Analysis below shows an example of 100 m of inspected pipeline. In this case, a coating feature and a metal loss feature have been localized with our inspection technology for unpiggable pipelines. Precise excavation is made easy through GPS-coordinates with sub-decimeter accuracy. 


Which types of pipelines
can be inspected?

Average productivity is 750 m per day.

Buried unpiggable steel pipelines
of every kind

The transported product does
not matter

Gas, crude oil, jet fuel, water or brine

Pipelines in or out of service

Pipelines with or without
cathodic protection

Outer pipeline diameter (OD)
from 2” to 42”

Inspection certified up to 2 m
pipe depth

Measured from the ground surface to the axis of the pipe

Mandatory pre­paration
by our clients

The ground surface of the inspected pipeline section has to be free from obstacles.
Pipeline contact points need to be available every 1.000 m (e.g. CP posts).


Download the full EMPIT

Please follow the link below to download the full technology description. The document will give you a more specific understanding of (1) the AGIT System and its set-up, (2) the inspection procedure and (3) the data evaluation. 

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